Next Generation Hub

The heart of home sensing

Connects your WallyHome Sensors in your home and keeps you informed through text message, email, push notifications or phone calls.

Connect your Hub through your wireless network or using an ethernet cable.

New Features

  • Improved no-hassle setup through the Wally app (Available on the App Store and Google Play)*.
  • Compatible with additional smart home devices to provide a total smart home management solution. (Coming soon)
  • Digital speaker enables audible alerts and notifications.
  • Battery backup keeps your hub ON for hours even without power.

* App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc

* Google Play is a service mark of Google Inc

The New WallyHome Sensor

More than just a Sensor

Your sensor is your first insight into water leaks, temperature and humidity changes, as well as open doors or windows.

Water Leaks

Detect leaks to reduce the risk of costly water damage in your home through mobile and audible alerts.


Identify potential problems with your heating and air conditioning system to reduce the risk of frozen pipes and other hazards.


Reduce the potential for unhealthy mold growth.

Door / Window

Avoid unknowingly leaving doors and windows open, making your home more secure and reducing your monthly energy bill.

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